DENO - simple sensor system for leaks detection

Reliable diagnostics for production plants, storage and distribution of fuel, solvents and flammable liquids producing or explosive vapors and environments exposed to the risk of explosion. For end users and partners.

Huge possibilities of use:

Precise level meter of any liquid

We measure the level of liquids with an accuracy of ± 0.2 & nbsp; mm. Safe for use of flammable liquids and liquids creating explosive vapors.

Distinguishing water interface and PHL

In tailing ponds of large tanks of fuel at petrol stations to check the water level.

Monitoring of liquids properties.

We check the properties of fluids such as the concentration of chemical solutions, including solutions aggressive. It can be used as an additional quality control in industrial wastewater purification plants for the presence of oil products.

Complet delivery = development, production, installation.  Free offer for you.
Structurally and technically very simple. Patented.*

*CZ patent 292049 a industrial design PUV 2008-19575, further info see Documents for download (in czech).

DENO - senzor, optické čidlo

Sensor - optical sensor

Sensor body lenght 40 mm, diameter 9 mm. Chemical resistance: all types of fuels, oils, diluents and solvents. For use in aggressive acidic or basic environments, the body of the sensor is supplied in stainless steel.

Transmission part (optical cable): DUPLEX optical cable, outer diameter 2x2,2 mm is 100% resistant against electrical or electromagnetic interference in all levels and frequency bands.

Outdoor fiber is kept in a plastic or metal protector. Length of optofiber interconnection between the sensor and the amplifier may be up to 50 m.

DENO - zesilovač signálu

Signal amplifier

The resulting signal is evaluated by a standard programmable amplifiers visible infrared light, the final design is dependent on the circumstances at the client. Power: DC 9 - 36 V, Minimal consumption cca 40 mA. It comes with AC adapter 230 V with acoustic signal.

Output signal: The length of connection between the amplifier and the signal device can be up to 200 m.

Acoustic, intermittent or continuous signal 90 dB. Alternatively electrical output PNP, NPN for maximum strength 100 mA.

DENO - výstup alarmu

Alarm output

The system uses a loop wiring for quick self-diagnosis check.

Additional features: Operating temperature range of the entire system is -15 to +60 °C.

See the documents (pdf 0,36 Mb). Download

Already 12 years on the market. Over 100 applications for different purposes and clients.
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Prague Airport
Detecting the occurrence of petroleum products in groundwater in jet fuel store in Kněževes, which belongs to V.Havel Airport Prague.

Control System of occurrence of waste water pollution with oil products at the petrol station Hora sv. Sebastian.

Project of mobile filling station MOFIS O1 M.

RWE Transgas Net
Sensors for wastewater pits at the compressor station Hostín.

Škoda Auto
Sensors in the tank of gasoline in a testing unit. Subcontract for the company BOS s.r.o. Úvaly.

RAIV s.r.o. Liberec
Sensors in a special facility to expedite leak testing air-conditioning units manufactured for European automakers. Sensors indicate the first drop of silicone oil that occurs when air leaks. Subcontract for the company VALEO France.

25 years of development and production. We're still innovating.

1973 ČKD

From year 1973 Mr. Novotny worked in department to clear of-demounting diagnosticians machinal units with a view to development special sense organ and progress. He got experience in applied diagnostic process to Diesel engine, locomotives, ship engine, compressors and turbocompressors.

1980 Lindholmen

During the period of Eighties last century the research were cooperation with Swedish company Lindholmen - manufacturer of huge MS engines.


Mr. Novotný was involved in international project TECHNOS (Unesco)research project "Usage of glass optical veins for diagnostics of petroleum products leakage".In the framework of the project TECHNOS he established co-operation with Academy of Sciences CR, high technical school in Bohemia and to Slovakia and with The University of Manchester.

2000 DENO

Research end in using cheap and technologically unpretentious veins from polymetylmetacryl in conjunction with used programmable amplifier supplied by company IFM. The simple and dependable system that the got name DENO was born.

2002 ATEX II

System DENO got international certification mark FTZU-O2-ATEX(1) valid for EU for potentially explosive atmosphere.

2003 Patent

DENO was registered at the patent procedure and has it successfully completed.